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- What's wrong?
- I have an important exam tomorrow.
- Don't worry too much.
(Is the short dialogue grammatical?)

2. Food also can help people's feelings.

3. Food can also help people's feelings.

(Which one is correct between 2 and 3? Are both OK?)

4. You can get great grade.
5. You can get a great grade.
(Which one is correct between 4 and 5?)

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    1. Yes

    Both 2 and 3 are grammatically OK. Some purists might prefer to keep the modal verb "can" directly in front of the active verb "help", as in 2. The meaning or emphasis of the two is not quite the same. Sentence 2 mentions one of the benefits of food. Sentence 3 refers to food as being one of the ways of helping people's feelings.

    5 is corect; not 4.

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