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I need help labeling complements in my sentences. I am not sure if I am doing this correctly or not. Could you please check to see if I have the following parts of speech labeled correctly? I must identify the subject, verb and complements. I must determinit if the complement is a direct object, Predicate noun or Predicate adjective.

My little brother(s) was lincking (v) his popsicle (do) when the plane (s) landed (v) in our backyard.

Peter(s) will be(v) our guide(pn) through the forest because he(s) is(v) very wise (pa).

I also get confused about the clauses

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    You're completely right in these two sentences. :-)

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    Clauses, by definition, have subjects, verbs, and sometimes complements. You've identified the components in all the clauses.


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