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V = x(16-2x)(19-2x) = 175 ft³

Ok, thanks. Now I'm trying to multiply out and having some difficulty. I am getting 4x^3-70x^2+304x = 175 which I'm not sure how to work with


    I agree it is a little difficult to solve unless you have learned Newton's method. If not, you can solve it by the bisection method, which is to evaluate the function using trial values of x until the function evaluates to 175.
    I will give you a kick-start.
    f(x)= x(16-2x)(19-2x)
    and knowing that the solution is around 0.68, we try
    So the next tries should lie between 0.65 and 0.7.
    Keep on trying until you get a solution to within 1 or two decimals.


    Here is a graph of the function f(x).

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