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just wanted to check a few more questions...

1. Find the prime factorization of the number 20. Answer- 2x2x5

2. Find the greatest common factor of 30, 45, and 50. Answer -5

3. Complete the statement using the given property. 6 x (4 x 7) = Associative property of multiplication Answer- 6x28=168

4. What is the product of 126 and 604? Answer- 76,104

5. Evaluate.72 divied 8 - 9 divided 3 Answer-6

6. You wish to cover a bathroom floor with 1-square-foot (1-ft2) tiles that cost $2 each. If the bathroom is rectangular, 6 ft by 7 ft, how much will the cost? Answer- $84

7. Divide 4 1/5 by14 Write the result in simplest form answer- 3/10

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    3) No. Associative property is a x (b x c)= (a x b) x c
    5 makes no sense to me.
    others correct.

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