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You want to estimate 5.25-3.3. Why would using front-end estimation and adjusting tell you more about the answer than rounding?

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    Front-end estimation consists of doing the calculation with the most significant one or two digits, and examining the following truncated digit to see if an adjustment is required.
    Here we would subtract 3 from 5 to get 2. Since .25 and .3 are close, we don't need an adjustment and accept the estimate as 2.

    Therefore in this particular case, both methods give the same answer, and probably as quickly.

    Personally I prefer front-end estimation because it works from left to right, which is more intuitive. In general, it works faster and better. Best of all, it adapts to the person's math capability.

    Doing rounding and then the calculations takes a lot of intermediate memory which is often beyond the capacity of the ordinary person.

    On the other hand, the front end estimation allows the person to calculate from left to right, with one, two or three digit accuracy. The answer is immediate and there is less chance of errors.

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  • 5th grade Math -

    how to estimate using front end with adjustment

  • 5th grade Math -

    How do I estimate the sum or difference by using front-end estimation with adjustment? 5,974 + 6,459
    Please help

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  • 5th grade Math -

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