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1. A person is drifting on a deserted island. Change this person's thoughts into other words and say them to your friend.

2. The following are about some conditions. Fill in the blanks, and then say as in the example.

3. Think of your life habits which you want to change,and then write the contents.

4. Write your resolution or readiness, and say it to your partner.

(Would you like to check the expressions? Thank you.)

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    #1 -- I think you mean "... drifting toward a deserted island ..." Once you're on the island, you're not drifting anymore!

    #2 -- Seems OK

    #3 -- Think of some of your habits that you want to change, and then write out what you want the changes to be.

    #4 -- OK except I'm not clear on what "readiness" means here.

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