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Can someone please check of my answers are correct?

16. Although most of South America lies within the tropical latitudes
a. climate and vegetation differ greatly in the region
b. cold ocean currents keep the air cool and dry
c. there is little tropical vegetation on the continent
d. the abundance of highlands and mountains keeps growing seasons short

19. Most of Mexico's people live
a. between the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Gulf coast
b. south of the central plateau on the Pacific coast
c. in the country's major cities located in the central plateau
d. between the Pacific coast and the Sierra Madre Oriental
I think it might be B or C, but I'm going towards B more

21. The heart of Mexican culture today is its
a. urban areas
b. countryside
c. older neighborhoods
d. mountainous regions


  • Geography -

    16. B. can't be correct. Think of the huge, hot, humid rainforest. Please check your text again.

    19. B. limits the majority of the population to a very small area. Go with your second choice.

    21. I don't know about this one. It depends upon how the "heart of Mexican culture" is defined.

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