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1. It's late. You had better go to bed now. (In #1, what does 'It' refer to? Does it refer to 'The time'?)

2. Choose the things which you want to give advice to your partner about, and talk with your partner.

3. When you give advice to the other person, use the expressions on the right.

4. When you have to say what the other has to do, use 'have to'.

5. The boy is on the playground. He seems to have sprained his right leg while he was playing soccer.

6. Choose the things which repesent Korea and talk about the reason why you chose them with your partner.

7. Talk about the moment when you felt proud of being Korean.

(Hello. Glad to meet you again. Would you check the English expressions above? Correct them, please. I appreciate your help. Have a nice time!)

  1. Writeacher

    #1 is fine, and yes, the "it" is referring to time in general. The same vague use of "it" occurs when we say any of the following, but time is not always the reference:

    It's raining.
    It's hot and humid.
    It's snowing outside.
    It's a cool, dry day.

    #2 could be simplified.
    Choose what advice you want to give your partner and talk with him. (or you could change that last word to "her")

    #3 - good

    #4 - good - but put the period before that last quotation mark.

    #5 - good

    #6 - Did you chose them with your partner? Or are you to discuss them with your partner? Your meaning affects the placement of the phrase "with your partner." Let me know.

    #7 - good

  2. John

    Thank you for your help.

    #6 Discuss them with your partner.

  3. Writeacher

    6. Choose the things which represent [<~note spelling] Korea and talk with your partner about the reasons [<~note the plural] why you chose them.

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