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my son has vocabulary words using in sentences, I don't understand these word and their meanings, please, make a sentences using these words please
1. enthusiastic
2. assure
3. peculiar
4. pastel
5. translation
6. insisted

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    First, for safety's sake, only use your first name when signing on.

    All of these words can be looked up in an online dictionary, if you do not have a hard copy of one.

    Enthusiastic = eager, looking forward to

    He was enthusiastic about starting school.

    Peculiar = different, unique, not necessarily in a positive way

    In contrast to others, he has a peculiar way of doing things.

    Translation = changing from one mode of communication to another, especially a language

    The translation of "salud" in Spanish is "health" in English.

    I'll leave you or your son to look up the rest.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    Another thought...

    With sentences, and a foreign language, I found it easy to teach my kids to start with a verb. If the word is already a verb, that's the easiest thing. If it's not, you have to find a verb that works well with that. I will give you one so you can see the process.

    "Enthusiastic" is the word I'll choose, since PsyDAG already told you what that means.

    Enthusiastic is an adjective. Almost any adjective, you can use the verb "to be."

    First, ask the question, "Who?" In this case, "Who is enthusiastic?"

    Answer: Matt
    Matt is enthusiastic.

    That's a very simple sentence. To make it more complex, keep asking questions. "When?" "Why?" etc.

    When? Today
    Why? He's starting a new job next week.

    Today, Matt is enthusiastic because he starts a new job next week.

    You can ask other questions:
    "How often?"

    Once you start answering questions, making sentences is pretty easy. You just have to put it all together.

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    Can I also add a word of advice. I used to work in a school where a teacher did not have a great grasp of english yet used to set questions like this. In his classes there were several very bright pupils who used to give answers to this type of problem using less familiar meanings of the words. The pupils used to complain to me as their Tutor when the teacher marked the answer wrong.

    For example

    The church of St Michaels is in a different peculiar to that of St James.

    As a result of translation the block was six metres further forward.

    So the advice is to stick to the common or usual meaning of the word.

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    Here are some good online dictionaries. They almost always have sample uses of each word.




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