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A square plot of land has a building 60ft long and 40ft wide at one corner. The rest of the land outside the building forms a parking lot. If the parking lot has area 12,000ft^2, what are the dimensions of the entire plot of land?

The answer is 120ft by 120ft. I just don't know how to get to the answer. I was thinking (x+40)(x+60)=14400. because parking lot area + area of the building = 14400. So I was trying to find the dimensions with the area given.

  • algebra -

    let the side of the square be x ft

    so I see x^2 - (60)(40) = 12000
    x^2 = 14400
    x = √14400 = 120

  • algebra -

    120 ft x 120 ft

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