7th grade math

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Keeping the numbers in exact order, add perentheses, exponents, multiplication, subtraction, divison and addition to make this expression equal 100.
3,5,6,2,54, and 5.
Thank you!

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    Try to break up the problem into smaller pieces.
    For example, 54+5=59, so can you make 41 from 3,5,6,2?
    If not, try using 54-5=49. See if you can make 51 from 3,5,6,2.
    You are allowed to use exponents, for example, 6^2=36.

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    I still don't really understand! :)

  • 7th grade math -

    If you can make 51 from 3,5,6,2 then the result will be
    I also gave you the hint that 6^2=36, that means you need to make 15 with the rest.

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    Ok thanks! NOW i get it :)

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    You're welcome! Keep up the good work!

  • 7th grade math -

    what is 9,234 divide [3x3(1+8 to the 3rd power)]

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