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Find the prime factorization of each number,330
2.Find two factors of 28 with a sum of 11.7*4=28 =7+4=11
3.Find the greatest common factor for each of the following groups of numbers 36, 72, and 144 answer36, 72, and 144

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    1. prime factorization of 330
    Find any prime factor (for example 2,3 or 5), and divide 330 by the factor. Repeat the same for the quotient. Enumerate all the prime factors you have used.
    2. Correct
    3. The GCF (greatest common factor) is a single number that divides two or more numbers without remainders.
    For groups of numbers that represent multiples of one over the other, the GCF is the smallest number. For example, the GCF for 15,30,90 is 15, since 30 is a multiple of 15, and 90 is a multiple of 30.

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