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1)how many Meters of wire (diamter=6.304 x10^-3) can produced from from 5.01 lb of a mixture of ore and copper that is 66% copper

d of copper =8.95 g/cm^3
cylinder =pie r^2 H

answer is 8.32 x 10^3m

2) v=4/3pie r^3, r=17.282 mm

my solutions books says this:

4/3 Pie (17.282 m)^3=72.391=72.391 m^3

i got 2.76 x10^-5

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    For #1, is that diameter m or cm? I can get the answer you show but only if I don't square diameter.

    For #2, I don't get either answer. The book solution seems to be substituting meters instead of mm but even the math is wrong. If you change 17.282 mm to m that is 0.017282 m so
    V =(4/3) pi*r^3 = 3.14(0.017282)^3 = 2.16 x 10^-5 m^3.
    BTW, that is pi and not pie.

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