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Please help me answer these questions

10. ¿Te gustan los museos?

11. ¿Te gusta ir de compras?

12. ¿Te gustan los perros?


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    I'm not sure exactly what you're having trouble with, so I hope this helps.

    All of these are questions. They're all pretty much asking similar things. "Do you like ________?"

    Te gusta/te gustan means "You like." Literally, it is a little different. Word for word, it says, "To me (te) this thing is pleasing (gusta)."

    You can answer with either:
    Si. Me gusta(n) __________ (with an accent over the "i" in "Si." Not sure how to do that on the keyboard) That would give you a yes response.

    No. No me gusta(n) _____________. (This would give you a "no" response).

    You could also add "porque" (because). Example:

    ¿Te gusta tu hermano?
    No. No me gusta mi hermano porque es muy loco.
    (No. I don't like my brother because he is very crazy.)

    Hope this helps!

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    OK. You are working with the verb "gustar" which I prefer you NOT learn as the verb "to like." Actually it is the verb "to be pleasing." Then it will make more sense why if is most often used in the 3rd person singular (if ONE thing is please to someone) or the 3rd person plural (if two ore more things are pleasing to someone.) The next thing to learn is that the indirect-object pronoun is there to explain to WHOM it is pleasing. So, the indirect object pronouns are: me, te, le, nos, os, les and the verb is either gusta or gustan MOST often.

    10. Are they pleasing to you? Yes, they are pleasing to me. = Sí, me gustan los museos.

    11. To go shopping, is it pleasing to you? Yes, it is pleasing to me. = Sí, me gusta ir de compras.

    12. Are dogs pleasing to you? Yes, dogs are pleasing to me. = Sí, me gustan los perros.

    Please feel free to ask any other question you may have.


  • Spanish 1 -

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