English Grammar part 2

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I got a great response in another forum. Here it is:
It sounds very awkward, but I can just about see it being acceptable in a very specific situation.

Firstly, I'm assuming it is NOT an unreal situation, so "would" is not necessary.

Secondly, you need to understand the difference between "like -ing" and "like to -".

Note that I'm only stating what I have read in British English grammar books.

"Like -ing" means you actually enjoy doing something, for example "I like running" (you enjoy it).

"Like to -" means you choose to do something for a reason, for example "I like to run" (to keep fit).

It's a very subtle difference and one that many would never even think about.

Usually, then, it would be more common to say "I like having a cat". However, I suppose you could probably think of a situation where you have one for a reason, for example to get rid of mice.


Thanks to everyone that helped on here. Keep up the great work.

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