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In the link above (take out the spaces) there is supposed to be a picture representing a foodweb.

1. Which letter is the producer? Is it A?

2. I'm not sure what B and C would represent?
A. producer
B. primary consumer
C. Secondary consumer
D. tertiary consumer
e. omnivore

3. Which most accurately describes species E?

a. herbivore and secondary consumer
b. omnivore and secondary consumer
c. omnivore, primary consumer, and secondary consumer
d. herbivore, primary consumer and secondary consumer
e. cannibal

Could someone explain the answers because I need to study this for my test and I want to know how to figure it out.

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    1. Yes, A is the producer.
    2. B and C are eating the producer, so they are the primary consumers, by definition.
    3. Species E is a primary consumer (eating A), a secondary consumer ( eating C and B), and an omnivore (eats plants A, and animals B,C). Answer C

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    I don't understand how you can tell that E is eating A. I thought A would be eating E?

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    Doesnt the arrow go from A to E?

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