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    Write it down.

    Take notes.

    You may want to write a word or phrase on one side of a note card and the definition on the other side.

    Go over your notes, saying the information out loud. Use as many as your senses as possible -- tactile (writing), vision (reading), hearing (saying the information out loud).

    If after all of this, you still can't comprehend a concept, make an appointment with your instructor and ask him/her to explain it to you.

    Above all -- WRITE IT DOWN!

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  • college-ANATOMY -

    You're welcome -- and good luck!

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    Personally, I suspect you need to learn the Cornell Notetaking system. Research has demonstrated it is effective, simple, and works. You use if for lecture and Text notes.

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    When I was in college, I also had anatomy. This is what I did. Look on line and find whatever part you are studying. I then labels everything, and colored it all in with markers or colored pencils. If I couldn't find what I needed, I sketched it and then did the above. I am a more visual learner, and this did the trick for me, and good luck!

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