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While sitting on a tree branch 10.0 m above the ground, you drop a chestnut. When the chestnut has fallen 2.0 m, you throw a second chestnut straight down. What initial speed must you give the second chestnut if they are both to reach the ground at the same time?

Answer is 8.8. Show me how please :)
thanks in advance

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    How long did it take for the nut to get 2m below?

    2=1/2 g t^2 solve for that time.
    Now how much more time will it take to get the next 8 meters?
    10=1/2g ttotal^2 solve for ttotal, then subtract the t above to find the time for the last 8 meters.

    Now, that time is the time it takes the thrown nut to get to the ground.

    10=Vo*t+1/2 g t^2 Put that time in the equation, and solve for vo.

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