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Grade 6 math

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There are 6 numbers on a cube. Create two columns of numbers. Total of 6 cubes are used. Show all the potential dates in any given month. There is a hint to think of geometry.

  • Grade 6 math -

    1 . . . . 1
    2 . . . . 2
    3 . . . . 3


    The days of the month are 1 - 31.

    What are the potential dates?

  • Grade 6 math -

    We need more information to help you.

    " There are 6 numbers on a cube."
    Who decides what numbers are on the cube?

    " Total of 6 cubes are used."
    Does that mean the arithmetic total of the six cubes are used, or you need 6 cubes to show the year, month and day?

    "Show all the potential dates in any given month."
    What is the format for the date, "YY-MM-DD", "MM-DD", "MM-DD-YY", "DD-MM-YY", "DD"?
    Is it one cube per digit?

  • Grade 6 math -

    That is the only information on the problem that my child brought home from school. We are baffled. We thought it was six cubes total.

  • Grade 6 math -

    Is the problem wording directly from the teacher (i.e. copied by your child), or is it a transcription of what your child related to you?
    If it is the latter case, your child could call a school friend to get more information, or could talk to the teacher for details.

  • Grade 6 math -

    It came exactly that way from the teacher. I my self am a teacher and I have no clue where he was coming with this.

  • Grade 6 math -

    The thing to think of here are the days in a month whish is the hardest. They run 01 to 31 there are only two occasions when digits are repeated 11 and 22. So if we have a set of cubes


    we can do all the dates except 06. But hey if we turn the 6 over we get a 9!

    To do "YY-MM-DD", we need three sets.

    The geometry is a red herring unless the teacher is talking about rotation!

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