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1. I will go to Haeundae Beach to take a walk at the beach.

2. I will go to Haeundae Beach to take a walk on the beach.

(Which preposition do I have to use? At or on? Are both OK?)

3. I will iron my clothes in the bedroom.

4. I will mop the floor and clean the floor with wax.

5. I will watch a historical drama on TV.

6. I will send text messages with my cell phone.

7. I will chat with a foreigner at a chatroom.

8. I will wear bright clothes and have a date with a girl.

9. I will drive may car from my apartment to Songjeong Beach.

10. I will ride a roller coaster and a merry-go-round at an amusemt park.

(Would you check the expressions above? Correct errors, please.)

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    Both 1 and 2 are correct.

    #3 is confusing... are you going to iron in the bedroom, or are you going to just iron the clothes that are in the bedroom?

    #4 I would say I will mop the floor and then wax it.

    #7 I would use "in a chatroom"

    #9 "my car"
    #10 "amusement"

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