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Math Pre-Calc.

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Determine the domain and range of

y= (radical) x-4

y= (radical) x^2-4

plz help me step by step. I just need to refreash my math, but i forgot how to find it

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    do you mean
    y = sqrt(x-4) ???
    if so the right side is real only for x>/= +4 so domain is all x >/= +4 and range is all positive y

    If the second one is
    y = sqrt (x^2-4)
    then (x^2-4) is real only for |x|>/=2
    so domain is all x </- -2 and all x>/=+2
    and again y is always +

  • Math Pre-Calc. -

    how do u figures out the doamin and range???

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