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In the 1800s_____ opened up the western U.S to immigration and buisiness. A)the transcontinental B)the underground railroad c)route 66 D)cattle farming 1)a
Canada was originally a ______ of great britian. A)dominion B) confedracy c) loyalist system d) bilingual system 2) b
The ______ was the network of safe houses that assited people escaping slavery in the 1800s. D)freedom trail or b)underground railroad 2)d

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    i mean three is d and ill start spacing and putting capital letters

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    If you include "railroad" in your first answer, it is correct. It's the Transcontinental Railroad.

    Your second and third answers are not right.

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    The freedom trail was not the network of safe houses.

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    O.K #2 is c and #3 is b.

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    3 is correct, but 2 is not right.

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