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I am doing an assignment about different religions. I have to fill in a chart about different religions. The religions that I am having trouble with are Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Methodist, Hindu, Islam, Mormon, Sikh, Judaism, and Taoist. These are the questions...
Pro or Con-prayer in school
-creationism vs. evolution
-studying women's rights the Middle East
-saying the pledge of allegiance
-starting a gay/lesbian support group
-inter-racial dating
and what is the justification for the response.
Any help with this assignment would be wonderful, I have been researching for several hours.
Thank you.

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    There are so many different beliefs about these secular issues even within a specific religion that generalities are nearly impossible. Most people in the U.S., for instance, are against prayers in the schools and are believe in evolution. Even the question of women's rights in the Middle East would be endorsed by most American Muslims and probably by many Middle Eastern Muslims.

    Because I'm not familiar with Mormon beliefs, I Googled Mormons and some of those questions -- and found that their beliefs fit in with the majority of American beliefs.

    Another problem with your list is that there's an overlap -- Methodists are Protestants.

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    Hey I am mormon so i might be able to answer some of these for you from a mormon perspection if that is what you are asking:
    Pro or Con-prayer in school: not really touched on no strong church beliefs but there are no problems with this found in the church
    -creationism vs. evolution: creationism
    -saying the pledge of allegiance: again not a church thing
    -starting a gay/lesbian support group: Does not support gay/lesbian but does not look down upon those who are
    -inter-racial dating: depends on the person but is not looked down upon; there are no problems with this found in the church

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    Thank you both for your help

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