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how was Akbar, mogul ruler, a great Muslim? im writing about how all Muslim are not terrorists. some of them are good and do good deeds.

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    I think you chose the wrong role model, or your ideas of good are different from mine.

    He waged war for power, he formed an alliance with upper castes to keep power, and he formed a new religion based on a personality cult that included worshiping him.

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    indeed your right. so do you know any other muslim person? who has done good deeds? and proved that not all muslims are terrorists.

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    You might like to look here:

    (Broken Link Removed)


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    P.S. Please do not look at the FIRST one. It is a SCAM. You need to use Searchs VERY carefully. If I were posting that one alone, I would have visited it FIRST. So Sorry.


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    do you mean the link you provided is a scam or the one on the top?

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    Most Muslims are good and do good deeds.

    Check these sites.




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    thanx for the help!

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