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Please guide me in plotting the point with the given t-value,6 using

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    Does v = 1/(2t+6) or or 1/(2t) + 6 or t/2 +6 ?

    Whichever it is, plug in 6 for t and compute the resulting v.

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    This is what I am not grasping computing the formulas...

    this formula is

    v=1/2"fraction"t+6 with the given t-value, 6?

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    To plug in 6 for t, replace t in the equation with 6.

    For example, given the equation y = x^2+x+5, to find y at x = 1, replace x in the equation with 1.

    y = x^2 + x + 5 at x=1
    y = 1^2 + 1 + 5

    See how x is replaced by 1 in the equation?

    So for v = (1/2)t + 6, how do you think you can find v at a t value of 6?

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    1/2*6/1 = 6/2 with 2going into 6 - four times plus 6 equals 10? I have a feeling this is the not the correct way to solve for the equation given I replace the t with 6? Correct?

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    That is correct. However, you seem to have calculated incorrectly. (1/2)*6 is 3, not 4.

    v = 3+6
    v = 9

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    I knew it!...this is my problem how did you calculate (1/2)*6 is 3...this is frustrating getting the correct answers...I do not get it and I am a full blown adult - sorry :(

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    (1/2)*6 is the same as 6/2

    6 = 2*3, so 6/2 = (2*3)/2. 2 cancels out, leaving you with 3.

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