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integral Calculus

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The region in the x-y plane bounded by the curve y=x^2, the line x=0 and the line x=5 and the x-axis. find the volume generated.

can you help me check for correction
the answer i got was = 625

You want to find volume. Are you rotating the region around a line, such as the x axis, or using cross sections?

Thanks, it was not specified.
As understood, find volume.

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    You say you got 625. What method did you use to find that number?

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    That is an area, not volume. Now, if that area is rotated about some axis, one can generate an volume, but the axis has to be specified. As the question stands now, it is meaningless.

    I did it once for you rotating about the y axis. But in reality, it could be rotated about any axis to generate a volume.

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    If about x axis, I got 625 pi
    It is hard to not get a pi if you spin something.

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