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foreign language

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can i learn two languages at once?

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    Yes, but your school may not allow it if the schedule does not permit an extra elective.

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    ohh they doo :]

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    This could depend upon what is offered, what level you will be in, any experience you already have. If you want to begin 2 languages at once, that is NOT a good idea. Concentrate on one first. My students used to ask "what is the easiest language?" Well, that would be Spanish. With French the spelling can be very different even with the same sound. In Spanish you can rely on the spelling, once you know the sound system. English is a Germanic language so you might like that, but you will have declensions, etc. to worry about. Same thing in Latin.

    Here is what you want to ask yourself. What career do I plan on. If it's medicine, Latin is good for vocabulary. What country might you want to work and/or live in? That could determine the language. What is your ethnicity? If any family members already speak another language, you'd have the opportunity to practice with them.

    Try to HEAR each language your school offers. Listen to the sounds = do you like it? If you are interested in music, which language might you sing in. Opera? German, Spanish, French, Italian. If your school offers Russian, some sounds are quite difficult to master. If Japanese, Korean, Chinese, you will need to learn a new system when it comes to writing - Russian too with the Cyrillic alphabet.

    What level are you in? Freshman? You will have the opportunity to study a language 4 years. Sophomore? You should have had exposure to a language already. Continue with that one. See the kinds of questions you want to consider?

    Now, what questions might you have? There are some sites online to help you and my field IS Foreign Language.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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