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In each case, consider what you know about the distribution
and then explain why you would expect it to be
or not to be normally distributed.

a. The wealth of the parents of students attending your
b. The values that a group of fourth-grade students
would give for the length of a segment that they
measured with a ruler
c. The SAT or ACT examination scores in mathematics
for students who were in your high school
graduation class
d. The weights of all incoming freshman students at
your school

*I have no idea how to even start answering these problems*

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    This site may help you understand normal distribution.

    The first one (letter a.) would depend upon the school. Some schools have many well-to-do families and only a few low-income famiies. Others would have more of a normal distribution of incomes.

    I would guess that b. would be normal distribution.

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