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Can any one help me to find which website is good for high school student to learn more subjects online with others without paying or any good website for doing home work or school game?.
thank you.

  • Website.need it please! -

    I don't know of a classroom setting online, free. Thinking on it, I cant imagine why one would establish such a website, the cost (including security to keep predators away) would be enormous, and being free, the payback nonexistant.

    You can find good resources online for specific subjects, but not in a classroom setting. Personally, I don't see how the classroom setting (with others) is condusive to learning. We do it in highschools because it is cheaper than one on one teaching.

  • Website.need it please! -

    No. I mean. website where you can learn more subjects online in order to be better. Do you know them please!

  • Website.need it please! -

    There are hundreds. Search on Google, by subject.

  • Website.need it please! -

    Have you heard the expression: "You get what you pay for?" If you pay nothing you probably learn nothing. You need to be more specific here. For example, I can give you study habits, reference sites, Writeacher's lesson on "how to search" and just about anything for foreign language, as that is my area.

    Here's a friend's website you might like:

    Here's one I like a lot:

    Why not take what you are already studying and do an "in-depth research" for extra credit, etc. Other than that, let us know which subjects specfically.


  • Website.need it please! -

    what web site

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