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The police chief wants to know whether the city’s nonwhites feel that the police are doing a good job. In comparison to whites’ evaluations, this information will tell the policy whether they have a community relations problem in the nonwhite community. A survey reveals the data in the accompanying table. What can you tell the police chief? Base your statements on what you have learned in this chapter.
Attitude towards Police Nonwhite White Total
Police do not do good job 76 73 149
Police do good job 74 223 297
Total 150 296 446

Compute the value of the chi-square for the data in the accompanying table, and percentage the cross-tabulation. From these data, would you say that the relationship between proximity of residence to the hospital and the frequency of visits to the hospital for care is weak or strong? Please explain your answer.
Frequency of visits Close Medium Far
Low 1,000 1,030 1,050
Medium 525 520 515
High 475 450 435

The director of the state department of motor vehicles is concerned about the high level of employee dissatisfaction in the department. To alleviate this problem, he hires a statistical analyst to investigate the attitudes of employees. The analyst believes that the primary source of dissatisfaction is the type of job held by the employee—hourly wage or salary. To test this hypothesis, she obtains data pertaining to whether the employee is paid hourly or is salaried and whether he or she is satisfied or dissatisfied with the job. These data are cross-tabulated in the accompanying table. Percentage the table and calculate gamma. Is there are a relationship between type of job and job satisfaction?
Attitude toward job Hourly Salary Total
Dissatisfied 194 54 248
Satisfied 278 85 363
Total 472 139 611

The personnel department of a small city has compiled the accompanying data regarding city employees. The data consist of the age of employees and the probability of their receiving a job promotion. On the basis of these data, how should the department advise job applicants who seek employment with the city?
Probability of promotion 30 or less 31-50 51 or greater
Low 17% 9% 65%
Medium 56% 15% 22%
High 27% 76% 13%
Total 100% 100% 100%

Organizational analyst Paul McClain is examining the Peter Principle, which contents that people will rise in an organization until they reach their level of incompetence. She feels that this means that proportionately more competent people will be found at the lower level of the organization. To test this question, she decides to ask students to rate assistant professors, associate professors, and full professors. Based on these findings, she classified the competence of professors as high, medium, or low. Interpret the accompanying table; calculate any necessary statistics.

Competence Assistant Associate Full Total
Low 27 38 24 89
Medium 60 91 8 159
High 106 38 8 152
Total 193 167 40 400

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    Since we don't have the table, we cannot inform the police chief about anything.

    What can you tell the police chief?

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