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A scientist has 0.46 mL of a solution. How would she convert this volume to microliters?

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    She is a scientist and can't do that in her head? Goodness.


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    Go to and type in "0.46 mL to microliters" and hit the enter button.

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    Don't type the quotation marks.

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    Relevant conversion facts:
    1 mL = 0.001 L --> 1.00x10^-3 L
    1 microliter = 0.000001 L --> 1.00x10^-6 L

    We multiply the measurement we want to change times the appropriate labeled conversion factors. After you do units cancellations and numerical calculations, you end up with a correctly labeled answer:


    PLEASE NOTE: Every General Chemistry textbook gives examples of this formal but very useful method. It is the BEST method for converting both. simple and derived units with a built in check: If you end up with the correct units, your setup is probably correct.

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