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Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word research project detailing one of the following career choices:
o Web developer or administrator
o Project manager
o Database administrator
o Computer programmer
o Network and computer systems administrator
o Computer engineer (software or hardware)
Your research should provide insight into this career field for a population of high school seniors. Your research will potentially be published in an online careers magazine. Ensure your research includes the following elements:
o A short proposal that includes:
 What you are proposing to write about
 Your background and how it has led you to pursue this type of career
 The specific elements of the career you will focus on in your final project (This may include salary, job requirements, physical labor, and other characteristics of the job.)
 The benefits of having this job
 Anything you hope to learn more about through your research
o An abstract (See Ch. 15.)
o The Microsoft® Visio or ConceptDraw™ diagram (even if it is hypothetical) that you wrote in Week Three
o The results of your survey from Week Four
o A graphic (such as an image, a diagram, or a screen shot)
COM 130 Business Research and Writing for the IT Professional
Course Syllabus Page 18
o A short summary of how you would present the information if you could give a presentation to a live audience (keep in mind your audience’s age)
o At least three outside sources, including a Web site, a journal, and a magazine or newspaper (cited properly in APA format)
o A set of instructions of the steps to take to get into the career
o Good use of design, white space, and other visual elements

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    I think you posted this in the wrong forum.

    We Jiskha voluteers don't know which profession you've chosen nor do we have access to your materials.

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