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    Modern society does not often recognize their ancestors struggles to create states, cities, and towns. History was about empires, dynasties, and power. Two strong dynasties that ruled china, and where famous for their brilliant empire where the Tang and Song dynasties.

    Many dynasties have emerged during chinese history. The most lasting legacies was the Tang and Song dynasties. Through this two strong empires the chinese administrative centralization and bureaucracy was refurbished. The Tang and Song dynasties were fundamental not only in chinese history, but also in world history.Even though both empires were rigorously, women sometimes enjoyed higher status than they did later. Peasants lived in small, largely self-sufficient villages that managed their own affairs.

    The song dynasty (960-1279) was culturally the most brilliant era in later imperial chinese history. A time of great social and economic change. The Song scholar-gentry valued learning more than physical labor. They supported a revival of confucian thought. The song ruled 319 years, slightly longer than the Tang.

    The Tang dynasty (618-907) is the second great dynasty of chinese history that was able to unify a vast territory, to spread culture and to absorb the cultures of surrounding states and people. Tang emperors Incorporated a system of land reform. Which broke large agriculture holdings and distributed the land to peasants. The Tang also made a system of canals encouraged internal trade and transportation.

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  • World History -

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