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A backyard pool as a pH of 7.4. At this level, the concentrations of hypochlorus acid and hypochlorite are approximetly equal.

HClO(aq) <--> H^+ (aq) + ClO^- (aq)

(a) Predict the effect of increasing pH has on the concentration of HClO(aq) in the pool.

For this question, in order to decrease the pH, wouldnt you have too add more HClO to the pool or remove some of the ions?

(b) What would happen to the HClO(aq) if the pH was increased?
Again, dosent the pH change depend on the concentration of HClO in the pool? So if you add more then the concentration increases?

(c) Shock treatment is when a large amount of chlorine containing compounds are added to the pool. What effect would this have on the pH?

Basically, we`re adding a new reactant. Would this create hydrochloric acid? Hydrochloric acid is very acidic so would the pH drastically decrease?

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    a) assume increasing pH means someone is adding more H+ from another source.
    b) HClO would increase
    c) Assume you are adding chlorine compounds to water.
    ClXXX- + HOH>>> H+ + ClxxxxO-
    You have in creased the pH.

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    more acid = lower Ph number

  • pH calculations -

    Thank you :D

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