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One of my questions asks, when can you conclude about the relative equillibrium concentrations of CrO4^2- in each of the colutions 0.1 M K2Cr2O7 and 0.1 M K2CrO4?

Im really confused by this question. Could someone clarify it for me? Thanks :)

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    K2Cr2O7 is red-orange.
    K2CrO4 is yellow. The CrO4^-2 is yellow. So there is little CrO4^- in K2Cr2O7 solution.

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    So is K2CrO4 the equillibrium concentration of CrO4-2 is high whereas in K2CrO7 the CrO4-2 equillibrium concentration is low?

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    Thank You :)

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