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1. net ionic equation for the reaction between silver nitrate and the arsenate ion

I got:
3Ag (+) + AsO4 ---> Ag3AsO4

2. net ionic equation for the precipitation of copper hexacyanoferrate (II).

I got:
2Cu (2+) + [Fe(CN)6] ---> Cu2 [Fe(CN6)]

Can someone please check and see if I did these correctly. If not, can you please example how/ what I am doing wrong.

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    The total electrical charge on the left side of a chemical equation must be equal to the total electrical charge on the right side. That is not the case on either chemical equation as you typed it.

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    The Ag3AsO4 equation is ok if we assume the ---(which looks like an arrow with the >) is actually the charge on the arsenate ion. You can write AsO4^3- and that way we don't confuse it with the arrow.
    3Ag^+1 + AsO4^3- ==> Ag3AsO4(s)

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    Oh sorry I forgot to write the charges.

    For then for the second one,

    it is supposedly look like this?
    2Cu (2+) + [Fe(CN)6]^(4-) ==> Cu2 [Fe(CN6)]

    would that make this ionic equation correct?

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    That looks ok to me.

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