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soybean meal is 12% protein; cornmeal is 6% protein.How many pounds of each should be mixed together in order to get 240-lb mixture that is 10% protein%

How many pounds of the cornmeal should be in the mixture?_____pounds

How many pounds of the soybeans meals should be in the mixture?______pounds

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    Let the number of pounds of corn meal be x and the number of pounds of soybean meal be y.

    x + y = 240, for obvious reasons.

    (0.06 x + 0.12 y)/240 = 0.1 (the fracttion that is protein)

    Solve those two equations for x and y, using algdebra.

    The sccond equation can be rewritten as
    0.06x + 0.12y = 24, or
    x + 2y = 400

    Take it from there

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