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suppose you are at the gas station filing your tank with gas. the function
C(g) represents the cost C of filling up the gas tank with g gallons give the equation: C(g)=3.03(g)

A)what does the number 3.03 represent?
B)find C(2)
C)find C (9)
D) for the average motorist, name one value for g that would be inappropriate for this fucntion's puprpose.Explain why you chose the number you did.
E)if you were to graph C(g), what would be an appropriate domain?Range? Explain your reasoning.

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    A) For every g gallon you add, the cost increases by 3.03. Therefore, $3.03 is the cost per gallon.

    B) C(2) = 3.03(2)
    C(2) = $6.06

    C) C(9) = 3.03(9)
    C(9) = 27.27

    D) A negative number would be inappropriate - you cannot fill your tank with negative gallons of gas.

    E) Assuming you cannot fill up your tank with negative gas, x must be greater than or equal to 0.

    The context of the problem - filling up your car with gas - implies an upper limit: the volume of your gas tank.

    let V = the volume of your gas tank.

    The domain would be [0, V] - you can fill your tank up with 0 gallons, to V (anymore you would be overflowing).

    The range is therefore [C(0), C(V)] = [0, C(V)]

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