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Give an example of an enthymeme about an important political/social issue current to today.

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    This site will give you examples.

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    Yes these are good examples, and I found this site, but I need an issue current to 2009. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    Take a look at some of the solutions to our health care dilemma.

    Or how about Iran's nuclear capabilities?

    The economy also should provide you some examples.

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    I guess these would work, but how would I identify the enthymeme? Who could I use as an example that used an enthymeme in their speech?

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    Look at some of the news magazines, ie, Time, Newsweek. They will have exerpts from speeches and there will also be essays that you can read.

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    Would the "above the influence" campagin against drugs be considered including enthymemes in their commericals? Could this be a possible example of a social issue today?

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    Post the statement you are thinking about.

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    I was referring to the Above the influence campaign. Just the commercials in general. I was going to reference the site that promotes "Above The Influence"

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    Yes, There are some good examples at this site.

    I liked "Shoulders" and Achievements.

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    Yes these are great! Thanks!

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