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I have many equations that need to be net ionic balanced

1. Al(NO3)3 + NH3 --> ??

2. Fe(NO3)3 + NH3 --> ??

3. Mn(NO3)2 + NH3 --> ??

^^ All aqueous

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    1. probably Al(OH)3 + NO3^-
    2. probably Fe(OH)3 + NO3^-
    3. probably MnO(OH)2 + NO3^-

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    Each metal ion in the question is surrounded by six H2O molecules forming Hexaaquo complexes. The link below gives a detailed description of the reactions between the original aquo complex and NH3 for several ions, including Al(H2O)6^3+, Fe(H2O)6^3+, and Mn(H2O)6^2+:

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