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i have to do a short assignment: Research and discuss the potential GI illnesses that can occur. Include in your reflection the potential causal relationship these illnesses have to dietary and lifestyle choices.

the three GI dysfunction i'll focus on includes:

Irritable bowel syndrome
G.E.R.D (gastrointestinal esophageal reflux disease, also called acid reflux)
Crohns disease

can someone please give me good websites for each of these. i just have to tell what they are and the potential causal relationship these illnesses have to dietary and lifestyle choices

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    You're a senior now, y912f. You can do what we tutors do -- search for each of these illnesses on Google.

    Some of the most reliable sites are Mayo Clinic, National Institute of Health (nih), and MedWeb.

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    Correction: WEBMD

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    ok :)

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