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I am pre-school teacher who wants to administer a social studies lesson plan to my students. I wanted the lesson to incorporate various aspects of my culture - Jamaican - combined with the United states culture... I want to develop students' appreciation for other countries and point out similarities and differences. For a lesson plan, I came up with the following ideas:

Focusing on Houses Around the world
Flags from different countries

Do the above lesson ideas connect with what I want my students to focus on....? Do you have any other lesson plan ideas...?

  • Teacher needs help!! Thanks -

    I agree flags is a good idea. However, I have found that two other things work well too. Kids love dances/games... they enjoy doing things and learning different things to do. Kids also enjoy "foods". Researching and finding a recipe from a different country and maybe even having an "in-class picnic" of foods from that country is really enjoyable.

  • Teacher needs help!! Thanks -

    You may also find some ideas here:



  • Teacher needs help!! Thanks -

    Try putting games in with the flag one like a type of flag tag: you try to grab the flag while the kids with flags are running away if you get the flag the person you got it from is frozen and they have to say something in the pledge of Allegiance.

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