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English- Man for all Seasons

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well my question is in regards to man for all seasons a play by robert bolt. we are asked to identify a living person that resembles the "common man" character. the common man resembles the masses, he has a passive attitude of the world, and refuses to internally reflect. the common man doesn't want to stand up and act, rather watches as the situation unfolds. the book in turn says that the common mans enability to speak up causes the conflict, tragedy, etc.

can anyone think of a specific person (ie. Tom Jones) that is ALIVE???

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    As I tried inadequately to explain before, the "common man" is not a famous person. Famous people have done something to stand out -- and can't be considered "common." Since your prompt says that the person must be alive, you can't choose a character from literature.

    Many of us are "common men." We don't speak up, but watch as a situation unfolds.

    Think about the people you know who meet these criteria for a "common man."

    * resembles the masses
    * has a passive attitude of the world
    * refuses to internally reflect
    * doesn't want to stand up and act
    * watches as the situation unfolds

    Don't many of the people you know fit these criteria? Choose one.

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    Great response, Sue.

    By the way, I don't think you will find very many of these types, among teachers.

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    I'm sure you're right, Guru! :-)

    Actually I was thinking mainly of my ex-son-in-law, a salesman. <g>

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