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ok so I have a question

At the instatn a race began, a 57-kg sprinter was found to exert a force of 80 N on the starting lbock at 22 degrees with respect to the ground

what was the horizontal acceleration of the sprinter?

I got roughly 1.3 s^-2 m

ok here's were i need some help

if the force was exerted for .34 s with what speed did the sprinter eave the starting block?

ok didn't he leave the starting block with an intial speed of zero?

by definition of accleration
a=t^-1 (V-Vo)

if theh Vo is not considered to be zero how to find the V and the Vo to fidn the acceleration

maybe there's another way to do this i do not know how to find the intial speed from the starting block

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    80 cos 22 = 74.2
    a = F/m = 74.2/57 = 1.3 m/s^2 agree

    he leaves the block not at t =0 but at t=.34 s
    v = Vo + a t
    v = 0 + 1.3 (.34) = .442 m/s

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    ok thanks

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