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Are we losing our ability to read, but gaining a different kind of literacy?

How does constant presentation by the media change the nature of national leadership, gender roles and maturity?

Is it possible to test and measure these changes?

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    We will interested in seeing how you answer these questions. Please repost for suggestions/corrections after you have read, thought about and answered.

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    Great idea. Instead of testing our public school students, and seeing disappointing after disappointing literacy test results, we could redefine literacy: ability to watch television and videos, and listen to song lyrics. Reading scores would be passe.

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    I'd like to see a comparison of reading scores for high school sophomores for the last 20 years. Has reading comprehension decreased?

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    Don't we still have to read on the Internet and with texting? How about being able to read the flowing comments at the bottom of the TV screen? In these first two areas, I'm more concerned with writing than reading abilities.

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