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Introducing Literature

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The term bibliotheraphy means

a. using books to give children insights into life problems
a. helping people who can't read.
c. using books to solve life's problems
d. sharing joy with children

My book says; "To help children with life problems, questions, fears and pain.

I wasn't sure if it was "A or C" because of the wording...(insights and solving)

Could you please help Me!

  • Introducing Literature -

    A. limits the answer to only children.

    C. says that the answer applies to everyone.

    Which of these does bibliotherapy mean?

  • Introducing Literature -

    I'm more confused now!

  • Introducing Literature -

    I believe I got it! Because biblio means books and therapy means healing so it is "C" Right?

  • Introducing Literature -

    When you don't understand a term , where do you look? Try a good dictionary or below:


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    YESSSSS! By George, you have it!

  • Introducing Literature -

    My first wife often threw books at me, I assume that was a variant of biblotherapy. Of course, she threw other things also.

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