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Xerofoam gauze and glycerin-soaked cotton were placed in the umbilicus.
Xerofoam = not a noun or pronoun
gauze = noun
and = not a noun
glycerin = noun
soaked = not a noun
cotton = noun
were = not a noun or pronoun
placed = not a noun or pronoun
in = not a noun or pronoun
the = not a noun or pronoun
ubilicus = noun

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    In this construction, "glycerin-soaked" is an adjective.

    The others are correct.

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    Can you please explain why?

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    Glycerin-soaked is hyphenated -- making it one word. It's used as an adjective modifying cotton. It tells what kind of cotton is being used.

    When the word "glycerin" stands alone, it is indeed a noun.

    Example: Glycerine is a colorless, odorless, syrupy, sweet liquid.

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