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My questions is what member of the cat family is the best predator? I have tried to find the answer but each site I have looked at just says that they are predators (lion, tiger, cougar etc). They don't say which is the best. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Best in what way? Their success in finding prey depends upon the environment that are in. Cougars/panthers are most widespread.

    Scientists try to be objective and not rank things as "good" and "bad" by human standards that are arbitrary and numerous.

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    the question we have been given is 'is the lion the best predator in the cart family'?

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    oops should read cat not cart!

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    IT is a bad question. As DrWLS stated, best is in the eye of the the beholder. Frankly, I would vote for the lynx.

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    I agree. It's a bad question for science. It would be a terrific question for an English class, though, to see if you could formulate a thesis statement and then write a paper convincing others that whichever type of cat you chose is the best.

    What does "best" mean? Fastest? Most successful hunter? Produces and successfully raises the largest number of cubs per litter? What?

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    I guess they mean which is the best hunter?

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    How do you define "best hunter?" Kills the quickest? Gets the most food? Kills the biggest animals?

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    As the question says is the lion the best predator in the cat family, I am thinking that they mean which 'cat' is best at catching prey.

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