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Can someone help me with these questions please.

Q1)Where did George Braque live, work and die?

Q2) How did George Braque create the cubist style of art.

(No links my computer doesnt let me click on linked pages. Thankyou.)

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    I don't understand. If you can get to Jiskha and post questions, why can't you click on the Wikipedia link?

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    Glad to help you! This painter was most interesting because he changed his painting all during his life, depending upon the influences of other painters.

    BTW, the reason you could not access the Web is because you misspelled this French name: Georges Braque.

    He was born on May 13, 1882 in Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise and died on August 31, 1963 in Paris.

    His work was impressionistic until he was influenced by the Fauves. Then, working with Cézanne, he was headed in the direction of cubism. Finally, working and painting with Picasso (1909) he was involved in cubism. Still later, the surrealists influenced him.

    Is that everything you needed?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Here are more of the pertinent facts.

    "Georges Braque (13 May 1882 – 31 August 1963) was a major 20th century French painter and sculptor who, along with Pablo Picasso, developed the art movement known as cubism.

    "Georges Braque was born in Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise. He grew up in Le Havre and trained to be a house painter and decorator, as his father and grandfather were, but he also studied painting in the evenings at the École des Beaux-Arts in Le Havre from about 1897 to 1899. He apprenticed in Paris under a decorator and was awarded his certificate in 1902. The following year, he attended the Académie Humbert, also in Paris, and painted there until 1904. It was here that he met Marie Laurencin and Francis Picabia. . . .

    "However, he nonetheless continued to work throughout the remainder of his life, producing a considerable number of distinguished paintings, graphics, and sculptures, all imbued with a pervasive contemplative quality.Braque, along with Matisse, is credited for introducing Pablo Picasso to Fernand Mourlot, and most of the lithographs and book illustrations he himself created in the 1940s and '50s were produced at the Mourlot Studios. He died on 31 August 1963, in Paris. He is buried in the church cemetery in Saint-Marguerite-sur-Mer, Normandy, France. Braque's work is in most major museums throughout the world.

    " Cubism
    Braque's paintings of 1908–1913 began to reflect his new interest in geometry and simultaneous perspective. He conducted an intense study of the effects of light and perspective and the technical means that painters use to represent these effects, appearing to question the most standard of artistic conventions. In his village scenes, for example, Braque frequently reduced an architectural structure to a geometric form approximating a cube, yet rendered its shading so that it looked both flat and three-dimensional by fragmenting the image. In this way, Braque called attention to the very nature of visual illusion and artistic representation.

    "Beginning in 1909, Braque began to work closely with Pablo Picasso, who had been developing a similar approach to painting. Pablo Picasso was influenced by both Cezanne and African tribal sculpture, while Braque was mostly interested in developing Cezanne's idea's of multiple perspectives. “A comparison of the works of Picasso and Braque during 1908 reveals that the effect of his encounter with Picasso was more to accelerate and intensify Braque’s exploration of Cézanne’s ideas, rather than to divert his thinking in any essential way.”[1] The invention of Cubism was a joint effort between Picasso and Braque, then residents of Montmartre, Paris. These artists were the movement's main innovators. After meeting in October or November 1907,[2] Braque and Picasso, in particular, began working on the development of Cubism in 1908. Both artists produced paintings of monochromatic color and complex patterns of faceted form, now called Analytic Cubism.

    "A decisive moment in its development occurred during the summer of 1911[3], when Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso painted side by side in Céret, in the French Pyrenees, each artist producing paintings that are difficult—sometimes virtually impossible—to distinguish from those of the other. In 1912, they began to experiment with collage and papier collé.

    Their productive collaboration continued and they worked closely together until the outbreak of World War I in 1914 when Braque enlisted in the French Army, leaving Paris to fight in the First World War. . . .

    "French art critic Louis Vauxcelles first used the term Cubism, or "bizarre cubiques", in 1908 after seeing a picture by Braque. He described it as 'full of little cubes', after which the term quickly gained wide use although the two creators did not initially adopt it. Art historian Ernst Gombrich described cubism as "the most radical attempt to stamp out ambiguity and to enforce one reading of the picture - that of a man-made construction, a colored canvas."[4] The Cubist movement spread quickly throughout Paris and Europe."

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    Thankyou ever so much for the help
    Ms. Sue and SraJMcGin
    I will try again on the links putting an s on the end of george.
    Hopefully it will work.


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    I also need to know where George Braque lived and worked.


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    Sorry forget about the note above ive got the answers now.
    Thankyou very much for the help.

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