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U.S. History 1865

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Can someone please help me with this question? Why was the Bank War significant? Why did the Bank War reinforce and justify the two-party system? Here is what I have so far: During the year 1832 the Second Bank of the United States become very important to the United States. A large number of farmers as well as other people who was having a difficulty time in paying back their loans after the Panic of 1819 was against it. This also included President Jackson was placing fault of the countries problems on the bank.
Henry Clay wanted to restore the banks charter and he believed that it would play an important role in the next election for the president. Congress did allow the bill to pass rstoring the banks charter but when the bill came before President Jackson he vetoed the bill.
President Jackson believed that the national bank went againt the Constitution. He also believed that it was cruel to the poor people and benefited the rich people by allowing them to become wealthy.
Should I add more things or do you think that this sounds ok? Please give me some advice. Thanks.

  • U.S. History 1865 -

    I don't think you even came close to answering the questions:
    Why was the Bank War significant? Why did the Bank War reinforce and justify the two-party system?

  • U.S. History 1865 -

    Be sure to look up any words in the questions that you are not crystal clear about:

    Examples: make sure you positively understand what the word "significant" means, what "reinforce" means, what "justify" means, what "two-party system" means.

    Here are some sites that may help you:

    The Bank War The Bank War of the 1830s proved to be controversial both politically and ... the US Bank and assesses the extent of influence on the agricultural, ... (PDF file, needs Acrobat Reader. Get the FREE READER at if your computer doesn't already have it installed.)

    Bank War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Bank War is the name given to controversy over the Second Bank of the ....

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